Wash Your Hair and F**k

Wash Your Hair and F**k

Jiang Yuan has long hair which is as beautiful as a waterfall and recently a strange thing happened to her. After washing her hair, she would have s*x with a man in her dream at night and the dream was too real that when she woke up in the morning, she would find her little pu*sy red and swollen and dripping with lust.

That is certainly not a dream!

Once she turned on the light, she looked in the mirror and saw that her pu*sy was stretched wide open by an invisible c*ck and it slammed into her and she was madly f*cked with her flesh flopping out and her kinky water splashed out.

Zhong Jing didn’t know when he had a quirk. When he met a woman, he would secretly stand behind them and smelled their fragrance. Finally, he found the sassy woman who stole his c*ck.

Space crosses, transparent people plays.