Dressed as a Shady Villain’s Marriage Partner

Dressed as a Shady Villain’s Marriage Partner

The Si family’s business is the story of how the Si family has come to dominate the business world through deception. In order to take down their biggest rival, Lu Huan, the Si family faked a marriage and inserted the most obedient “punk” in the family as an outcast.

With the author’s deliberate reduction of intelligence, the huge Lu family is completely crushed by such a “little piece of crap”.

Lu Huan suddenly awakens to consciousness before he dies in a car accident, and his resentfulness makes him reborn back before the union.

This time, Lu Huan stared at the marriage letter with a shady smile: good.

* The first time I wore a dress was when I was a little girl.

Yu Baihan accidentally dresses up as Si family’s “little tr*sh”.

On his wedding night, he meets his nominal husband for the first time – and he hits the spot perfectly, no matter what his body looks like.

Yu Baihan lying peacefully flat: love it, come and love me.

The next moment, Lu Huan pinched his chin in a slow tone: “I’d like to see how many …… more you have.”

Yu Baihan changed his position, “A little surprise that I don’t know about?”

Lu Huan: “……”

Yu Baihan understood, so his old attacker liked this kind of affair.

Lu Huan breaks the plot for the first time and takes revenge on the Si family.

The Si family has lost most of its fortune, with family infighting, sons and daughters fighting for power. Lu Huan removes his mask and the two families are completely torn apart.

In the Lu family mansion.

Lu Huan sat on a cushioned chair in the bedroom, half of his face hidden in the shadows, looking at Yu Baihan like a play: “What do you think?”

Yu Bai contains a seal applause: “Good! If you bloom, the butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, the sky will arrange itself!”

Lu Huan: “……”

Then the plot did break, and like a wild dog off the leash, it never returned.

Everyone is waiting for the outcast of the Si family to be thrown out by the growing Lu family, and even surname Lu’s subordinates are counting the days until the “loser” is ready to be rolled up.

It wasn’t until his subordinates saw Lu Huan himself walk into the master bedroom with a bunk roll in his hand.

Yu Baihan was still wrapped in the roll, and the latter’s eyes were filled with anticipation: “Be stronger, Lu Huan! Have you not eaten!”


The bedroom door slams shut!

Subordinate: ????