That Guy Is This Guy

That Guy Is This Guy

There was a problem from the first meeting.

Ji-han started playing an RPG game named ‘Zenoris’.

But the newly founded guild master is strange.

[Chae Yoo: If you want to be in our guild, change your username. Either that or leave][I’m sleepy: Do you know me? Why talk so rudely?]

Guild master ‘Chae Yoo’ asks Ji-han to change his username, leading to a one-on-one confrontation.

In the confrontation, Seriousness quietly leaves.

[Chae Yoo: Nim, could it be that your username in HOL be ‘I’m sleepy’ as well??][I’m sleepy: ?? If I say yes, then what are you going to do about it…]

I am leaving this guild!

After hearing about Ji-han’s identity, Chae Yoo’s attitude changed.

Ji-han was embarrassed and tried to leave the guild, but

The system says it is impossible to leave for a week…

“I’m sleepy, please be active in the guild.

I will not force you to leave.”