Even the Villain Has a Story

Even the Villain Has a Story

One day, a gate opened and the world fell into chaos. At the same time, Sayun came face to face with a strange system window.

[You have been chosen as the ‘evil’ of mankind. (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b]

Sayun, going crazy after being forced to play the villain, kidnaps Han Geonjoo, the key to escape the system.

“What’s your motive?”

“Recruiting talented people?”

“By kidnapping them? I guess you’re from a gangster guild.”

It’s the key to escape the system, “The Resistance” and Sayun is trying to activate it by maintaining a close relationship with Han Geonjoo by raising him to an S-Class.

Sayun complimented Geonjoo and raised his stats to the fullest. However, when Geonjoo almost became an S-Class, Sayun disappeared.

As soon as he became an S-Class hunter, he appeared in front of Sayun.

“What are you doing?”

“Do you think it’s okay to throw people away like that?”

Who threw away who first?

“If you want to know how it feels to beg, go somewhere else.”

A gate which shows signs of collapsing and an uneasy reunion. Will Sayun be able to escape the system?