God Bless Your Ruin

God Bless Your Ruin

Angie, a girl who grew up in an earthly paradise where everything is perfect.

One day, she is invited to Blackrell Mansion as a companion of the young veiled master.

“… Who are you?”

The existence beyond the veil she met there, Kyle. Unlike Angie, who is full of emotion, his reaction is cold, but….

“I’m here to tell you a story.”

Angie takes a step closer to the boy who can’t get sunlight or go outside, telling the story she imagined.

The more time they spent together, the more they were drawn to each other, but the love she thought would last forever.

“Stop. Don’t come.”

“I’ll explain everything to you, Angie. Listen to me. Trust me…!”

The secret he’d been hiding was shattering….

“When I come back… be my wife. That’s the gift I want.”

The soft bed rocked heavily and a strong shadow immediately covered Angie’s body. Angie gasped.

“You love me too, Angie. As long as you wait for me…you’ll find out.”

When Kyle took her tongue and sucked on it, Angie’s eyelashes trembled convulsively. The blood rushed to her head and the warning sounded.

Under the exhilarating pleasure and excitement, her mind quickly became fuzzy.

An intense ecstasy enveloped her entire body with a force that would take even her soul.

Angie closed her eyes Is this… a dream? If it is a dream, she would never want to wake up.

A girl clearer and happier than anyone else in the world, a boy noble and unhappy, they met like this.