Duke, Please Fail!

Duke, Please Fail!

I really died after working to death under the Duke of Alterwood.
When I opened my eyes, it was the past, and I vowed to take revenge on the death of overwork.
As long as I’m the caretaker, the duke will die and I’ll ruin the unlivable estate!
I spent a lot of money on the wrong budget.

I was going to leave the field to a famous boomer to ruin the farming…

“This is the first time we’ve had such an amazing harvest, right?”
“Thank you. You saved us!”

Strangely, things keep going well!
And this time, I took revenge on the duke directly.

“Once you touch it, you have to take responsibility.
I need you, Nelly.”

Is this counterproductive? No, I still have to get revenge.
Duke, please screw up!