6 Twitch Streamers Who Were Hacked LIVE

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Nowadays it is scary how easy it is for hackers to get your information your accounts your credit card nearly anything you have online is vulnerable to these criminals welcome to never bored where we'll be counting down the top 5 twitch streamers who got hacked.

Live number 5 starting off our list we have the streamer lol you getting hacked by Russians while playing csgo what the fuck is happening.

Number four livestreamer Alicia one to 287 was hit with a horde of viewers when two subreddits were hacked and each link on them redirected straight to her stream her reaction is priceless which and they started playing my stream on his this is this is the weirdest thing that okay yeah this is probably the weirdest thing that's ever fucking happened.

Hey I didn't take ready I don't I really don't know all I know is that I was at work for 12 hours then now read it redirect it to my stream i really don't know I'm really sorry I'm sorry the hacker known as 4chan and I have hacked reddit oh no are we added again number three this streamer was in for a rude awakening when he accidentally broadcasted his password recovery code to the Internet oh now you fucked up nay fucked up.

Fuck someone stole my account guys guys someone stole my account what the fuck someone stole my account guys someone stole my account fuck oh my god someone stole my shit account man see I can't use this what the fuck number two next up we have one of the largest twitch streamers known as sodapoppin getting hacked live while he was playing World of Warcraft that he goes and calls Blizzard Live to get his account back hey ma'am whispers.

I'm getting tired of it stop please aah I can't put everyone on ignore now I got fucking peanut colada on my wall. Dude stop you're pissing me off man I got everything's going wrong my Houseman hacked again how the fuck thank you for calling Blizzard Entertainment in my name is Kyle maybe name please my name is chance Morris how's it going Kyle.

Hi this is the third time I've been hacked because they're using my old information my old email address my old security question everything that's old that I just changed today and they just hacked me again.

I'm a live streamer, so I get targeted by people.

Listen I need to make it to where some random person cannot call and mess with everything because they have my old secret question they have my old stuff I want the most security because I personally have a picture of my photo ID and everything I can send that to you so I can prove I am me that has changed now your account actually is set them if anything needs to be changed they have to submit an idea at this moment good you need more is there any way I can get more options or make my own question you know how.

Many times I've recommended because there's really not many options I can actually only apply myself to two of these like the boy or girl you've had your second quiz kiss with you really think I've kissed a girl in my life I can't even go with that one well go with that one cuz nobody's gonna get it yeah you brat yeah you right right number one and quite possibly the most funniest on our list this drunk streamer was doing some ridiculous things for his viewers and in the middle of all of it.

He gets hacked keeps are made out of Wow I actually hit my penis dollars fuck Jilly for breaking a key star somebody hacked us right now I can't login I'm out of my twitch I think we got banned or hacked we got hacked is someone on it hundred percent I'm watching it right now and it says we got hacked what is it with someone else's computer wait what yes look at my computer the embedded K back of some other guy's fuckin desktop try to get some Twitter followers or some shit.

That's what Greece go to the dashboard that's for I can't log into my fucking thing what do you mean you can't login is that right ask what I got a twitch yes it's the one that's saved no fucking way we're gone you choose Flint which got hacked for gone we can't get back on stream so it's broke for good fucking rip boy we're broke we got it we're drunk and we can't do it screeches try to do a recovery can you do recovery I just got Eureka now I'm drunk out your email I can't I know anything yes you can yes you can drunk.

That wraps up our top 5 twitch streamers getting hacked live video. - Game Hack

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