Security Danger, Tips How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi tips

People use public Wi-Fi all the time, at a coffee shop in a hotel lobby or while waiting at the airport. However there are many security dangers that lurk on public Wi-Fi networks. Data sent through public Wi-Fi networks can easily be intercepted by cyber criminals. If you use a public Wi-Fi your personal data could be at risk.

A common danger is fake public Wi-Fi networks. These have similar sounding names to legitimate public Wi-Fi networks and are meant to trick and confuse you. Once you connect to this fake Wi-Fi network, everything you do online is monitored by cyber criminals who scan your activity for banking and social media login.

Information public Wi-Fi connections can also be used to distribute malware. Cyber criminals can easily plant viruses and other malicious software onto your computer via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, causing serious damage to your computer and jeopardizing your personal information. Luckily there are ways to stay safe on public Wi-Fi

1. Verify your connection

Be sure to ask an employee what the actual public Wi-Fi is to avoid connecting to a bogus network.

2. Avoid checking sensitive data

Unless it's absolutely necessary hold off on logging in to your social media email and especially financial accounts while on public Wi-Fi .

3. Turn off sharing 

Be sure to turn off sharing while you're on public Wi-Fi if you leave it on while in a public place cyber criminals can easily gain access to sensitive personal information and files

4. Use a VPN

If you need to check sensitive data like your banking account while on public Wi-Fi, use a virtual private network or a VPN, even if the cyber criminal positions himself in the middle of your connection your data will be strongly encrypted.

5. Turn your Wi-Fi off when you're done

Even if you have it actively connected to a network the Wi-Fi Hardware in your computer can still be transmitting data with any network and if you are through using the Internet ensure that your Wi-Fi is turned off.

Understanding public Wi-Fi risks will ensure your important data doesn't fall into malicious hands follow these tips and stay protected with a trusted internet security software in order to stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

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