Li’l Chubs

Li’l Chubs

The cute love story between the ‘muscular’ (chubby) Xiaopang and the ‘manly’ Gao Yifeng.

“You like me.”


Xiaopang didn’t know how he had noticed, she had obviously hid it well. Although Gao Yifeng had just spoken the truth, she instinctively blurted out: “You’re speaking nonsense!”

“Really?” Gao Yifeng tilted his head to look at her. “Then, why don’t you want to be friends with me anymore? Do you want us to be in some other kind of relationship, such as… uh, lovers?”

He clenched his fist and felt anxious as he shouted in his mind

Say “yes”, idiot! You don’t need to talk, just nod your head…