Paper Lover

Paper Lover

Li Shuoxing, the god author of the male channel, got a love nurturing app out of thin air in his phone.

The rules of the game required him to interact with the virtual character “Su Mingqian” to increase his love value and unlock more functions.

Li Shuoxing soon experienced the true reality of Krypton Gold players.

Stage One: “tr*sh game, don’t try to cheat Krypton.”

Stage Two: “I can’t be fooled to buy a dollar gift bag.”

Stage Three: “One more Krypton and I’ll stop.”

Stage Four: “Don’t stop me. For my cub, I’m willing to Krypton the whole world!”

Stage N: “For every additional 10,000 votes, I’ll add 10,000 words; monthly votes can be lost, but the King of Fire must be won!”