Passerby Male Protagonist

Passerby Male Protagonist

Shao Fei is a passerby. He doesn’t even have as many scenes as a cannon fodder, he has the conscientiousness to remain as passerby A.

Looking forward to doing assists and watching the development of the male and female protagonist. However this wish cannot be realized, as he watched the plot collapse until even its mother couldn’t recognise it.

Shao Fei: “Do you think the way the male lead looks at me is not quite right?”

System: “…” You found out now!?

There was a stalk of grass in his heart. It didn’t belong to him, but it always swayed in front of him. Finally, it stayed in front of him silently.

“A passer-by who thinks he is as ordinary as A,B,C” shou X “a man who never thought he would fall in love with a male” gong.