Became the Tyrant’s Pet

Became the Tyrant’s Pet

Possessing a traitor’s daughter, I became the male lead’s pet in exchange for sparing my life.

“Come here to the bed. We have to sleep together. You’re my pet.”

He talked drowsily, but the look on his ruby-red eyes made me doubt him.

To live, I had no choice but to behave.

Then I realized.

I didn’t lift any finger here, but three delicious meals a day were always being served, and no one dared to touch me because of the male lead, a tyrant.

‘…Is this where my life goes downhill?’

He became more friendly, so it was time for the original work to begin.

I told him that it might be my time to leave… but his reaction was strange.

“You tamed me, and yet you’re going to abandon me?”

There was a terrible obsession in his red eyes.

Will Mia be able to survive? Or will things take an unexpected turn?