I, Zeus, Don’t Want To Be the King

I, Zeus, Don’t Want To Be the King

Zeus, the King of Gods, the Great God-King of the World, has been killed by his many wives and lovers because of his promiscuous relationship with men and women.

After being reborn, Zeus decided to do what he wanted, as far as being the God-King, whoever wants to was free to achieve it, I Zeus, in this life just want to leisurely enjoy my life.

The next moment.

[The chat room of the Heavens invites you to join.]

What? Is that this old man’s golden finger?

[Athena (Holy Warriors world): Dad, you are my dear father, I am your dear daughter.][Rem: One vote for you, one vote for me, Zeus will make his debut tomorrow.][Summer Harvest: Zeus is flying bravely and his sister will always be with him.][Zeus: All of you damn women stay away from me, don’t touch me.]