When I Woke Up, I Become a Coquettish B*tch

When I Woke Up, I Become a Coquettish B*tch

“The Aristocratic Family” is a melodramatic, emotionally unrestrained, prostitute reading material.

When Qin Yi came home from work, he found that his niece was looking at this sort of books. As upright as ever. After confisicating, he ordered his niece to write a thousand-word review. He took this melodramatic, emotionally unrestrained book to his room, but only flipped through it before heading to bed. When Qin Yi opened his eyes again, the world has changed.

He suddenly become Su Qi, even before he finished reading. Su Qi is the coquettish bit*h who chased after the president in ‘The Aristocratic Family’. Being confused, the system came online.

However, the first sentence the system said was : Damn it, why did an old cadre like you came here?!

#What should i do if the system catches the wrong person? anxious! waiting online#