I Am Living In Two Houses

I Am Living In Two Houses

“Please let my husband love me, even in his death.”

Upon the statue that grants wishes, Renier wished for the love of her cheating husband but then died at his hands.
When she opened her eyes again, Renier had returned to the moment she made a wish.
Of all moments, it just had to be the exact moment she spoke the word ‘husband’.

Wishes could not be changed, lost, or stopped in the middle. In the end, Renier made a wish as soon as it came out of her mouth…

“Please let my husband… Please be my husband!”

She was wondering if this wish would come true since she asked the statue to be her husband.

“I, Veldemer, am your husband from this moment on.”

The statue shattered and an incredibly handsome man came out.
Naked too.
Renier’s gaze follows his dangerous and overbearing face, and the well-defined abs under the wide shoulder, with firm thighs and his manly…!

“Your wish has come true, so why are you not happy?”

“I, It’s because you’re not wearing clothes.”

“Why do I have to? You are now my wife…”

He whispered as he drew closer to Renier, not wearing a single thread.

“You are free to watch as much as you want.”

‘If he asks me to see it, then I’ll see it… 
but Sir Veldemer doesn’t seem to know that I have another husband, so he is my second husband.
On the day this is revealed, guess I will have to go to prison and rot for 10 years.’

Before that happens, one of the two houses must be dealt with.
There are two ways.
Divorce with her cheating husband, or seal Veldemer back into the statue.