Daily Life of a Villain’s Mother

Daily Life of a Villain’s Mother

Ye Fan suddenly became the villain’s mother after transmigrating into a novel. She fell into a scheme and gave birth to the villain, the son of ‘Film Emperor’ He Han who had no knowledge of having a child.

Ye Fan was a stand-in for a famous young actress, and the person she had to film an intimate scene with actually happened to be that ‘Film Emperor’.

The original Ye Fan abandoned her son, and when the matter was revealed to the public, she was completely drowned in hate by the netizens. Fortunately, the villain son had yet to grow up, and the ‘Film Emperor’ knew nothing about it.

So all Ye Fan needed to do was raise her child with the mentality of a buddha.

However, on the film debut right after an award ceremony, the matter of Ye Fan’s illegitimate child was exposed, shocking the entire net.

It was something completely unexpected.

He Han, the prince of silver screen, who had always kept a clean and self-conscious image had a press conference that very day.

“There is something I’ve been hiding from everyone. I have a three-year-old child.”